Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – I’m doing it!

My new year is off to a not so great start. To help me cope with the rest of the year, with my huge commitment to deliver a daily blog for the entire year and all, I’m gonna take part in the weekly Writer’s Workshop hosted my Mama Kat at Mama Kat’s Losing it.

Writing prompts and challenges

Just do it! In 30 Minutes or Less

At the beginning of November I made the decision to blog every day for all eternity or as long as it feels good. As, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you would already know, this has been the best decision I’ve made whole year. This decision has however been some sort of sign… Continue reading Just do it! In 30 Minutes or Less

Writing prompts and challenges

Yearly Wrap-up 2012

Even though I haven’t been blogging for the whole year, I still think a yearly wrap-up is something I can do. Since there’s just two weeks of this year left and I’ve passed the magical 100 posts, I want to share five of my posts that I think are just great or have some sort… Continue reading Yearly Wrap-up 2012

Writing prompts and challenges


I wrote a poem. I hope you enjoy it. Today is a Thursday I hope it’s gonna be a fun day Cleaning the house? No way! Reading a book? Hooray! Maybe I should sing a song Please, feel free and sing along “my friends like to say I’m wrong cheese just come to string you… Continue reading Thursday

Just life

Oh Boy…

Oh boy – What have I gotten myself into? There’s a chance I made a commitment to start blogging daily last Sunday. Well, I’ve been sitting here on my couch with my computer on my lap for about three hours now and I’ve got pretty much nothing. I already started three different posts, but I… Continue reading Oh Boy…

Writing prompts and challenges

I wish I Were…

I wish a were a litte bit taller So I wouldn’t need a chair reaching the top-most shelves I wish I were a lot better caller So my friends wouldn’t have to make the call themselves I wish I were able to draw slightly better In fact I wish I were able to draw at all I… Continue reading I wish I Were…

Writing prompts and challenges

Book Spine Poem

I joined this cool “Writer’s bloc”-group today to find new marvellous friends and inspiration to write. They encourage members to write by prompts and tasks and I find it really fun. They also have their own book-club and they are not afraid to promote other blogs. Their first prompt was to create a book spine poem.… Continue reading Book Spine Poem