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The Hobbit Group Read – Week 1

Over at this cool group for readers and writers (both amateur and proffesional) called writers’ bloc, we are reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien together. We have¬†scheduled to read the book in three weeks, and week one is already behind us. Each week one or two members ask a few questions about that week’s chapters,… Continue reading The Hobbit Group Read – Week 1

Writing prompts and challenges

Dominating the world with Kindness

How to take over the World without weapons and violence? I was sent on a quest by Tanya to take total control over the World without BOOM nor SPLAT, no guns, no nuclear weapons – just me. How to take over the world and dominate the people? Be the meanest of them all killing others… Continue reading Dominating the world with Kindness

Writing prompts and challenges

Book Spine Poem

I joined this cool “Writer’s bloc”-group today to find new marvellous friends and inspiration to write. They encourage members to write by prompts and tasks and I find it really fun. They also have their own¬†book-club and they are not afraid to promote other blogs. Their first prompt was to create a book spine poem.… Continue reading Book Spine Poem