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I challenge myself!

I’ve set myself up for a few challenges this month. I’m really into challenges if you didn’t know that yet. I tend to take part in too many challenges at a time and get too overwhelmed and eventually give up. But this time it’s going to be different. Why you might ask. I really don’t… Continue reading I challenge myself!

Just life · Slim Down Project


I’m jealous of so many people. I’m jealous of people who can sing very well, I’m jealous of people who are wittier and funnier writers than me, I’m jealous of people who always look awesome in photographs, and so on… But the people I’m most jealous of are the people who have better self-discipline than… Continue reading Jealousy

Slim Down Project

Slim Down Tuesday – New beginnings!

It’s time to turn a leaf with my weight loss project. I’ve analyzed my core problem to be boredom when it comes to losing weight and maintaining my healthier lifestyle. Everything’s fun when things are new and exciting, but after a while I get bored and continue on with my old habits, until I get… Continue reading Slim Down Tuesday – New beginnings!

Slim Down Project · Writing prompts and challenges

Chocolate vs. Weight loss

I love everything sweet like candy, ice cream, cup cakes and chocolate. Chocolate is definitely my favorite and it’s really hard living without it. Chocolate isn’t necessarily bad for you, but I really want to lose weight, so in my case it’s not very good for me. As you might know, I took a little… Continue reading Chocolate vs. Weight loss

Slim Down Project

Shaytember – The Challenge

I’m sure everyone knows that I’m addicted to YouTube by now, so you’re not going to find it weird when I say I found a challenge on YouTube. I’m in love with the Shaytards-family and they are¬†orchestrating¬†this 30-day change-your-life-for-good challenge during September. I thought I’d take part in this challenge because the BEDA-challenge went so… Continue reading Shaytember – The Challenge