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Why do we Tweet – Quick Guide to Twitter

Why should you have a twitter account?
1. To have an alternate way to follow my blog
2. Share jokes and love with your friends
3. Stalk celebrities!

This is a simple guide to how to use twitter through my experience.

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BED 2013 – Blog EveryDay in 2013

The new year is right around the corner and it’s a good thing! New year is the time of resolutions, and my number one resolution at the moment is to Blog Everyday in 2013. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading my thoughts and stories the whole year. New year is also always a new beginning and a chance to… Continue reading BED 2013 – Blog EveryDay in 2013

Sunday News

News of the Week – 10th Issue

British man becomes first to visit all 201 countries without flying: 33-year-old Graham Hughes is the first man ever to visit every country in the world without setting foot on an airplane. He lived on $100 a week during the trip, which took him nearly four years to make. His record-breaking journey, confirmed by Guinness World Records,… Continue reading News of the Week – 10th Issue

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Social Media and Me

I’m a social person, I love to meet new people and share my views and thoughts about all things imaginable. Or, I might be a bit antisocial and maybe prefer to surf the waves of the Internet and meet people online than actually go out in the real world. But is there such a thing… Continue reading Social Media and Me