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Top Ten Tuesday – To Be Read…

My most frustrating hobby is adding books to my ‘to be read..’-list. It’s extremely frustrating because the pile seems to get higher and higher no matter how much I try to make it smaller by reading. Luckily I’m sure I’m not alone with this problem. At least according to most of the book blogs I… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – To Be Read…


Top Ten Tuesday – Resolutions

As it is still the beginning of a new year I’m going to make a few more new year’s resolutions. This time they’re going to be bookish resolutions inspired by Top Ten Tuesday!  The whole thing is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I’ve gathered a list of books I’m planning to read this… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – Resolutions

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Books I read last year

As I mentioned yesterday I didn’t complete the 50/50 Challenge (Read 50 books and watch 50 movies) last year. I’ve been trying to complete it for a few years now without being successful. I will try again this year. I never have any problem to watch all the movies, but I really struggle with the… Continue reading Books I read last year

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Top Ten Tuesday – Yes, I know it’s Wednesday…

I’m going to try this new thing called Top Ten Tuesday for Tuesdays. It’s not actually new, in fact it’s been going on for almost 200 weeks. And today’s not even Tuesday, but I’ll bend the rules just this once. I love to read books and I also love to read blogs about books which… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – Yes, I know it’s Wednesday…

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Writer’s Workshop – Wasted summer

Summer is virtually gone and I didn’t accomplish anything. Yep, that’s a lie; I enjoyed the summer more than any summer before, I swam a lot and did all sorts of small things. Somehow I still feel like I didn’t do much. The Prompts: 1.) Somebody you’d like to hug. 2.) What did not get… Continue reading Writer’s Workshop – Wasted summer

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Wednesday Review – How to Marry a Finnish Girl

A while ago I went and asked a bunch of book recommendations from my friends. A co-worker suggested I read a book called How to Marry a Finnish Girl. The book is written by an American writer, mobilist and a social media geek, Phil Schwarzmann. He lived in Finland for about ten years and now… Continue reading Wednesday Review – How to Marry a Finnish Girl

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Wednesday Review – Books

I’m doing the 50/50 challenge this year and I’m doing great with the movies but I’m falling behind on my reading. I’ve read six books so far and I’m gonna give a quick review of all of them in this post. Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma This book was not good. I usually enjoy… Continue reading Wednesday Review – Books