Sunday News

News of the Week – 24th Issue

A 6-year-old break-dance sensation from Great Britain.
A woman who sees the world upside down.
A man who attempts to meet all of his Facebook friends.

Sunday News

News of the Week – 23rd Issue

Real-life Batman brings in a wanted man to a police station in Yorkshire, UK.
A blind dog gets a guide dog.
A woman left her husband for her pet rats.

Sunday News

News of the Week – 21st Issue

Ozone hole shrinks to record low.
Drunk man tried to have sex with an ambulance.
A time capsule from 1902 uncovered in Ipswich.
Vote to name two of Pluto’s moons.
Also – Pope and Meteorite!

Sunday News

News of the Week – 20th Issue

Man was caught having sex with a horse; He wanted to get it pregnant.
Cat replaces the iron as the new Monopoly token.
Owning teddy bears as an adult isn’t that immature after all

Sunday News

News of the Week – 19th Issue

Women in Paris are finally allowed to wear trousers.
Car was left stranded in the middle of a car par in Edinburgh.
Brazilian woman tried to poison her husband with her vagina.
Bikers block a freeway for a proposal.

Sunday News

News of the Week – 18th Issue

Is your BMI a lie?
“Alien life” found in a meteorite that crash-landed in Sri Lanka.
Immune Perfume To Lure Sexual Partners?

Sunday News

News of the Week – 13th Issue

A bird got removed from a zoo for inappropriate language: A bird at a zoo in China has been removed from display for using dirty language. Fearing that the dirty language would catch on among the other birds on display, the foul-beaked bird has been moved into isolation.¬†Usually the Myna birds are best known for… Continue reading News of the Week – 13th Issue