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First day of school

Today is my first day of school. I haven’t been a full-time student for 14 years and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been working in different grocery stores for over 14 years and now I’ve decided to switch things up and try something totally different. I’m going to be a radiographer. I’ve been waiting… Continue reading First day of school

Slim Down Project

Health Month – New month, new rules

I always love it when the new month starts on a Monday. It seems like a perfect time to start over and perhaps tackle some new tasks or challenges. I feel like I didn’t do that well health-wise last month. I didn’t exercise as much as I had planned, though I did exercise more than… Continue reading Health Month – New month, new rules

Just life

Time for a change

Surprise surprise! I made some changes to my blog. I had been planning to change the theme for some time now, and as today was a national day off I finally had time to do it. I cleaned out some of the categories and made a whole new page under the About tab for my… Continue reading Time for a change

Writing prompts and challenges

Starting Over

In this world where material possessions mostly rule how we cope and who we are, what if you just gave up on all of your material possessions. All that you’d still have would be your home and your job, but no clothes on your back, not even shoes. If you’d be allowed to get one… Continue reading Starting Over

Slim Down Project

Shaytember – The Challenge

I’m sure everyone knows that I’m addicted to YouTube by now, so you’re not going to find it weird when I say I found a challenge on YouTube. I’m in love with the Shaytards-family and they are¬†orchestrating¬†this 30-day change-your-life-for-good challenge during September. I thought I’d take part in this challenge because the BEDA-challenge went so… Continue reading Shaytember – The Challenge