101 Things in 1001 Days

Album #10 – The Fray

I set myself a goal to listen to 10 albums by artists or bands I’ve never listened to before and now I’ve done it! See all the albums I listened to and what I thought about them here! Today I listened to a band called The Fray. I had no idea this band even existed… Continue reading Album #10 – The Fray

Wednesday Reviews

I’m listening to Boys Like Girls

My most trusted and loved music player, Spotify, kindly suggested a band for me to listen to based on artists I’ve listened to before. I’m happy about it, because now I have only two new musical acquaintances left to listen to, and after that I can tick one more task off my 101 Things list. Spotify’s… Continue reading I’m listening to Boys Like Girls

101 Things in 1001 Days · Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review: The Lumineers

If about two hours ago you would’ve asked me if I know the band The Lumineers, I would have said I’ve never heard of them. But ask me now and I’d say yes, and I absolutely love them! The Lumineers are a trio based in Denver, Colorado. Wesley Schults and Jeremiah Fraites started the band a decade ago. Sometime… Continue reading Wednesday Review: The Lumineers

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review: Helen Hoffner – Wild About Nothing

I was going through my old cassette-tapes the other day and found Helen Hoffner’s Wild About Nothing. This was probably my first cassette ever and I loved it! I’m so happy I found it, I’ve been listening to it constantly ever since last week. (That’s when I found it again..) The album was released in… Continue reading Wednesday Review: Helen Hoffner – Wild About Nothing