Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – Monsters, Love?, Driving, and Teens

Wednesdays are usually the days when I give short reviews of movies I’ve seen, music I’ve listened to, or books I’ve read. It seems I’ve been concentrating most on the movies I’ve seen bit this year and today is no exception. Monsters vs. Aliens What to do when aliens attack? Attack back with monsters of… Continue reading Wednesday Review – Monsters, Love?, Driving, and Teens

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – Axel Foley, Aliens and Elvis

I’m doing the 50/50 challenge and while I’m probably going to fail reading 50 books, I’m very close to have seen 50 movies this year and I might try to go for a hundred. This past week I watched six movies and these are my thoughts on them. Beverly Hills Cop There was a Beverly… Continue reading Wednesday Review – Axel Foley, Aliens and Elvis

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – Movies

Amour This is one of the rare films that create mixed feelings. The story is perfectly told and extremely well shot. The intimacy of the elderly couple’s struggles was tangible and made me feel a bit uncomfortable.¬†This movie is a brilliant work of art and I will never watch it again! I give Amour four… Continue reading Wednesday Review – Movies

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – More Oscar Movies!

I’ve been watching movies like a crazy person. I have the Oscar fever and the list of movies I want to see before the awards is still expanding. I added the nominees for the animated short film to the list just today – lucky they are actually very short. Today I’ll review few of the… Continue reading Wednesday Review – More Oscar Movies!

Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – The Oscars 2013

I’ve always been excited about the Oscars, though my taste in movies can be¬†questionable, and I might not always be on the same page with most movie experts. I’m still allowed to like what I like, right? My best friend invites friends over every year to watch the Academy Awards gala live on TV. Note… Continue reading Top 7 – The Oscars 2013