Sunday News

News of the Week – 20th Issue

Man was caught having sex with a horse; He wanted to get it pregnant.
Cat replaces the iron as the new Monopoly token.
Owning teddy bears as an adult isn’t that immature after all

Sunday News

News of the Week – 16th Issue

Monopoly is going to retire one of the famous game tokens: And you can vote to save your favorite! Vote to save your token on Facebook, and while you’re there, you can give a vote for a new token to replace the retiring one. I already gave my vote – Go vote here! READ MORE!… Continue reading News of the Week – 16th Issue

Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Board games

Spending time with my friends and family is something I enjoy¬†immensely. What makes it all even better is playing board games. Lately the board games have unfortunately been left in the¬†cupboard, but I’m planning to throw a board games night sometime in the future, so I better get those games out. These are my favorite… Continue reading Top 7 – Board games