Writing prompts and challenges

Love is…

The first sentence on my About me! page is “I smile, laugh and love a lot!” Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt by the Daily post @ wordpress.com, I’m going to give some sort of description of what is is that I actually love so much and how I define love. The Daily Prompt We each… Continue reading Love is…

Sunday News

News of the Week – 12th Issue

  Monkey wandering around an Ikea parking lot in Toronto: A monkey called Darwin was spotted roaming around the parking lot of Ikea in Toronto last Monday. The monkey was apparently looking for it’s owner who was shopping at the store. The monkey being stylish wearing a sheepskin coat and a diaper shot to immediate… Continue reading News of the Week – 12th Issue

Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Girl Crush

A girl don’t have to be gay to have a crush on a girl, right? Not that I have anything against gay people. Sometimes I even wish I was one of them… Anyway, today’s top-7 list is a list of girls/women I would like to date, woo and please if only I wasn’t straight (and… Continue reading Top 7 – Girl Crush