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Writer’s Workshop – Currently I’m…

Currently I’m sort of in a hurry to write this post because my sister is pestering me to be quick so she could continue whatever she was doing. It is her laptop, but I was the one who gave it to her, so I think I should still have some say in whoever’s turn it… Continue reading Writer’s Workshop – Currently I’m…

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Memory Jar

People are making all sorts of different purpose memory jars that suit their needs and I wanted to make one too. I found pictures of some really pretty ones online, but I think I’m not talented enough to decorate mine too much. I found a very great idea for travelers to have a jar for… Continue reading Memory Jar

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Birthday card for my goddaughter

I have perhaps the cutest goddaughter in the world, but as I don’t have a permission to put her pictures online, you’ll just have to take my word on it. She’s celebrating her fifth birthday tomorrow and she has invited her relatives and godparents (as I am both, I must be extra-special) to party with… Continue reading Birthday card for my goddaughter

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Birthday card for my dad

It was my dad’s 60th birthday last Wednesday and as a crafty person I made my own card. I must give half the credit to my husband, because, believe it or not, he designed the outside of the card while I take full credit of the inside. Though he may have given me the idea… Continue reading Birthday card for my dad

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Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s day is getting close and romance is in the air. As part of my “101 things in 1001 days” challenge, I’ve challenged myself to create a card for every holiday (challenge number 85). I don’t usually send cards on valentine’s day, nor on most holidays, but part of the challenge is to send a… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Card

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Christmas Cards Crafts

It’s just a month until Christmas and if you’re making your own Christmas cards, you better get started! I started planning on my cards for this Christmas about a month ago and I’m almost halfway done. In my opinion the cards I have for this year, are the prettiest Christmas cards I’ve ever made. My… Continue reading Christmas Cards Crafts