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Top Ten Tuesday – Yes, I know it’s Wednesday…

I’m going to try this new thing called Top Ten Tuesday for Tuesdays. It’s not actually new, in fact it’s been going on for almost 200 weeks. And today’s not even Tuesday, but I’ll bend the rules just this once. I love to read books and I also love to read blogs about books which… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – Yes, I know it’s Wednesday…


I love angiography

I experienced something sort of amazing last week. Our whole class of radiography students were put to work in different hospitals in the area. Our studies started a month ago so we obviously weren’t allowed to actually do anything important with the patients. We were there mainly to observe and learn.

I learned a lot indeed. I asked about a trillion questions and received equal amount of answers and learned important things of my future job. The most important thing I learned however was something to do with me. I learned I’m no longer as squeamish as I thought I would be. Continue reading “I love angiography”

Just life

Spread the love!

Being part of a blogging community is a lot fun! I’m sure most of you agree with that… 🙂 What makes it specially fun for me is the social aspect of it – visiting other blogs, leaving comments, getting comments etc. In the past I’ve been very lazy to leave comments on other blogs and… Continue reading Spread the love!

123 Thngs in 1230 Days · Memory Lane

Back in the day I listened to this

I’m gonna go for a little stroll down the memory lane today and I hope you’ll join me. Todays memory begins from when we finally got MTV (Music Television). I was perhaps 11 years old, maybe younger but not younger than nine. This was the time when I developed my love for music and lists. I… Continue reading Back in the day I listened to this

Just life

Old? Young? In the middle?

I woke up this morning feeling happy! I felt happy because it’s my third wedding anniversary with my husband today. My happiness was diminished only by the sound that woke me up – our youngest cat had peed on the floor and tried to cover it with thin air by scraping the floor. I didn’t… Continue reading Old? Young? In the middle?