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I love technology

I’m writing this post on ny phone right now and I don’t like it at all. The reason I’m forced to blog on ny phone is my own stupidity. For some reason I almost forgot I hadn’t blogged yet and now I’m already out the door and won’t ne back until late. Writing this post… Continue reading I love technology

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Birthday gift card for my best friend

One of my best friends turned thirty about two weeks ago and she’s having her birthday party today. Taija is my oldest friend and I once wrote a post on how I met her (How I met my Best Friend). I wasn’t quite sure what I would get her for her big birthday, because she… Continue reading Birthday gift card for my best friend

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Birthday card for my goddaughter

I have perhaps the cutest goddaughter in the world, but as I don’t have a permission to put her pictures online, you’ll just have to take my word on it. She’s celebrating her fifth birthday tomorrow and she has invited her relatives and godparents (as I am both, I must be extra-special) to party with… Continue reading Birthday card for my goddaughter

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Birthday card for my dad

It was my dad’s 60th birthday last Wednesday and as a crafty person I made my own card. I must give half the credit to my husband, because, believe it or not, he designed the outside of the card while I take full credit of the inside. Though he may have given me the idea… Continue reading Birthday card for my dad

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Movie themed Birthday card

I’m going to go to a birthday party tonight. I’m traveling and meeting friends during the weekend and an old¬†acquaintance invited me along to celebrate his 30th birthday. The least I could give to him is a card of course, so I made him this. He has always been a bit of a film freak… Continue reading Movie themed Birthday card