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Best and Worst of the Oscars 2013

The biggest movie event of the year has once again come and gone. I usually love the show and this year was no exception. I think I have hardly any negative things to say, which just goes to show that I love everything! If your here for the negativity, I have listed the worst things… Continue reading Best and Worst of the Oscars 2013

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Oscar Predictions

The Oscars is happening tonight! If you don’t know the nominees, you can check them out below and while you’re at it check my predictions for the winners. This is the first time ever I’m making predictions on the Oscars. I’ve never given it a serious thought and never written any predictions down. I’m not… Continue reading Oscar Predictions

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Oscar-worthy songs

I’m traveling to Tampere to meet some friends straight from work today. This is why I’m going to be online to give just a quick post. The Oscars are happening this weekend and you’re still not too late for picking your favorites in all the categories. Check the nominees on the official page and choose… Continue reading Oscar-worthy songs

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – More Oscar Movies!

I’ve been watching movies like a crazy person. I have the Oscar fever and the list of movies I want to see before the awards is still expanding. I added the nominees for the animated short film to the list just today – lucky they are actually very short. Today I’ll review few of the… Continue reading Wednesday Review – More Oscar Movies!

Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – Oscar movies!

I’ve not reviewed things in a long time, so I guess I have some catching up to do. To get right on track I’ll review five movies today. Don’t worry, they’ll be short reviews. Almost a month ago I wrote a top seven list of the movies nominated for best picture at this year’s Oscars.… Continue reading Wednesday Review – Oscar movies!

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Top 7 – The Oscars 2013

I’ve always been excited about the Oscars, though my taste in movies can be¬†questionable, and I might not always be on the same page with most movie experts. I’m still allowed to like what I like, right? My best friend invites friends over every year to watch the Academy Awards gala live on TV. Note… Continue reading Top 7 – The Oscars 2013