Writing prompts and challenges

Me? A poet?

I’ve registered myself for a blogging university course ‘writing 201: Poetry‘. I’m not really a poet. I write a poem or two every now and then for birthday wedding or other greeting cards, but they’re never too serious. I write them to make my friends and family laugh and giggle and definitely not take me… Continue reading Me? A poet?

Memory Lane · Writing prompts and challenges

Just keep breathing

Edit: I did the assignment for the Blogging University and published my unedited post. I don’t think it’s a very good one but I’ll leave it here so you’ll have the chance to read the original very brain vomity post on this page. Because I’m here learning to become a better writer and blogger, I’m… Continue reading Just keep breathing

Slim Down Project · Writing prompts and challenges

I’m running!

I hate running, but for some weird reason I’ve still given myself a long-term goal to run a half marathon. I’ve started training towards the goal and I must admit that most of the time running doesn’t feel too awful at all. With this new revelation in mind I should probably say that “I used… Continue reading I’m running!

Just life · Writing prompts and challenges

I challenge myself!

I’ve set myself up for a few challenges this month. I’m really into challenges if you didn’t know that yet. I tend to take part in too many challenges at a time and get too overwhelmed and eventually give up. But this time it’s going to be different. Why you might ask. I really don’t… Continue reading I challenge myself!

Writing prompts and challenges

Inside the Actor’s Studio

I’m no actress, but I enjoy watching Inside the Actor’s Studio. One of my favorite parts of the interviews is the last set of questions James Lipton asks from each of his guests. I was more than delighted to see that to answer the questions myself was the daily prompt of the day. I can… Continue reading Inside the Actor’s Studio

Writing prompts and challenges

My shopping list

Ever since starting my new healthier lifestyle I created a habit of making a meal plan for every up-coming week. I’ve missed a lot of weeks, but I find planning my every meal and snacks beforehand to be an easy way to eat healthy. It saves money too! I plan my meals for the week… Continue reading My shopping list

Writing prompts and challenges

Big vs. Small

I’m list addict! I love making lists and I love reading other people’s lists. I posted two lists on this blog on Thursday and I posted a top seven list, like I always do, yesterday. I’m also going to give you a couple of lists today. The world is filled with different things. Big things… Continue reading Big vs. Small