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I’m running!

I hate running, but for some weird reason I’ve still given myself a long-term goal to run a half marathon. I’ve started training towards the goal and I must admit that most of the time running doesn’t feel too awful at all. With this new revelation in mind I should probably say that “I used… Continue reading I’m running!

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I’m jealous of so many people. I’m jealous of people who can sing very well, I’m jealous of people who are wittier and funnier writers than me, I’m jealous of people who always look awesome in photographs, and so on… But the people I’m most jealous of are the people who have better self-discipline than… Continue reading Jealousy

Slim Down Project

Slim Down Tuesday – New beginnings!

It’s time to turn a leaf with my weight loss project. I’ve analyzed my core problem to be boredom when it comes to losing weight and maintaining my healthier lifestyle. Everything’s fun when things are new and exciting, but after a while I get bored and continue on with my old habits, until I get… Continue reading Slim Down Tuesday – New beginnings!

Slim Down Project

Health Month – I’m doing something right

I’ve managed to hold the same exact weight for three weeks in a row. I must be doing something right for it not going up, but I’v definitely been doing something I shouldn’t have for it not going down either. I was slightly bummed out for my weight being the same last week, but this… Continue reading Health Month – I’m doing something right

Slim Down Project

Health Month – Lack of motivation

I thought I did so good last week. I did my daily jumping jacks everyday (except once), I ate healthy, I drank my water even if I didn’t want to, but I lost no weight at all. I weighed exactly the same this morning as I did last Monday and now I feel betrayed. I know… Continue reading Health Month – Lack of motivation

Slim Down Project

Health Month – Off week

If you’ve read my blog last week you should know that I had a crazy busy week at work last week and even though I didn’t do any exercise at all I totally felt like I had. And even though I got enough of sleep I was really tired when I got home from work.… Continue reading Health Month – Off week

Slim Down Project

Health Month – I’m feeling awesome!

Isn’t losing weight a lot of fun? Right now it certainly feels like it, for me at least. I’ve been enjoying my life while eating healthy and doing 50 jumping jacks every day. I’ve gone from no-exercise-in-weeks to some-exercise-every-day just like that. It’s not hard when you make it easy! I even managed to lose… Continue reading Health Month – I’m feeling awesome!