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Back in the day I listened to this

I’m gonna go for a little stroll down the memory lane today and I hope you’ll join me. Todays memory begins from when we finally¬†got MTV (Music Television). I was perhaps 11 years old, maybe younger but not younger than nine. This was the time when I developed my love for music and lists. I… Continue reading Back in the day I listened to this

Memory Lane · Writing prompts and challenges

Just keep breathing

Edit: I did the assignment for the Blogging University and published my unedited post. I don’t think it’s a very good one but I’ll leave it here so you’ll have the chance to read the original very brain vomity post on this page. Because I’m here learning to become a better writer and blogger, I’m… Continue reading Just keep breathing

Memory Lane · Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up – 47/2013

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap Up. The wrap up consists of five different parts. The first part is called Dear Diary, where I’ll write a short description of my week. The second part, Me of the Week, will be a picture of me taken during this week. Third part, News of the Week is a… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up – 47/2013

Memory Lane · Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – I miss being child

The heading is a little misleading; I don’t exactly miss being a child. I love being a grown-up! Anyway, even if I don’t really miss my childhood, I am going to share a list of things I miss about being a kid. It’s Thursday, so this post is of course inspired by one of the… Continue reading Writer’s Workshop – I miss being child

Memory Lane

The Throwback Tag

I was browsing the internet looking for interesting things to write about. I found a few tag-challenges, or whatever they’re called, and thought I’d do one of those. The tag-challenges are usually a bunch of questions you answer to and after you’re done, you tag someone to do it too. This time as no one… Continue reading The Throwback Tag

Memory Lane · Writer's Workshop

Writers Workshop – Ouija board

I’m gonna take you down a memory lane again. I never realised how many memories I actually have until I made my first ‘Trip down memory lane‘ post. I hope you like reading them, because I sure like to reminisce them! Here are the prompts for the Writer’s Workshop this week. Prompts: 1.) Talk about… Continue reading Writers Workshop – Ouija board

Memory Lane · Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Bands of my teenage years

I’ve been watching old music videos on YouTube today and I’m feeling quite nostalgic. I’ve liked a lot of different kind of music through all the years. I’ve liked rock, pop, rap, R’n’B, heavy, punk, alternative etc… I’ve liked a lot of different artists as well. I’d like to share a list of artists and… Continue reading Top 7 – Bands of my teenage years