My name is Inkeri and I want to introduce you to my alter ego – Irene. Irene is a crazy person! She doesn’t know what’s going on half the time and all she talks about is just nonsense. I believe Irene has been living quite quietly in my head for quite a long time now but she decided to make her voice heard during last autumn.

I “met” her for the first time during an anatomy class. It was an unfortunate event and I couldn’t understand what was going on at first. I came to the conclusion that I had an alter ego that needed to come out and I decided to let it happen. I didn’t learn anything at all during that class that day because Irene couldn’t get a grip. Irene had come out and she wanted to play.

Irene is the sort of alter ego who would be diagnosed with some sort of overhyper-syndrome for sure! She’s extremely hyped up all the time, she doesn’t concentrate, and she can’t stop talking even when you’re supposed to be quiet. But she’s also pretty awesome and I like her a lot which is why I’ve decided to keep her around.

In fact I’ve decided to give this alter ego a chance to let it all out in a safe environment. I’m gifting this blog to Irene and hope she can keep it fun and interesting!

With loads of hugs and tons of love… Toodles



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