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Sim Sunday #1

I’m gonna start off by saying that I’m definitely not a gamer! The Sims is the only game (phone apps don’t count) I’ve ever enjoyed playing year after year. I started playing it a long time ago and I’ve moved up from The Sims 2 to The Sims 4.

I decided to take a plunge and make The Sims part of my blog as well. I like the game because I can do whatever I want in the game and get away with it. I can make the Sims do the silliest things and have fun watching how the cope with all that.

I also like to build houses. I loved planning layouts for my dream home already as a kid and with The Sims I can actually create my dream houses. It’s so much fun!

Today I wanted to share a house that I’ve spent a couple of weeks building and decorating. It’s a pretty extravagant house but it has everything your sim might ever need (it lacks a doctor’s office and a cafe).

Take a look at the picture and see for yourself!

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This house has five bedrooms; one master bedroom, two bedrooms for a teen (boy and girl), shared room for two children and a babies bedroom. There’s a living room, music room, game room, office, movie theater and a nightclub. This is where I got a little crazy; There are five bathrooms and seven separate toilets, and it has seven terraces or balconies.

Outside the house has a play area for the kids, camping area, wedding venue, a hideaway bonfire, and an observatory so your sim can look at the stars. There’s of course a swimming pool, a hot-tub, and an outside movie watching area.

Hidden from sight you can find a space rocket building station and an underground science laboratory.

You could say I wen’t a little crazy while building but I just wanted to have it all! The lot costs 799 335 simoleons. Thank goodness simoleons come free when you’re using cheat codes.

If you enjoy playing the game and want to have this house for your sims, you can get it from the gallery. Search for Irene’s Fabulous Mansion! My origin ID is Keri.



One thought on “Sim Sunday #1

  1. I was so addicted to Sims!! I would stay up all night playing especially when my sister (stepsister, but I just refer to her as my sis) came over LOL!

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