123 Thngs in 1230 Days

123 Things To Do – Check in #1

I’m a crazy planner person! I make a lot of plans on what things I should do and how I should do them. I plan to do so many things and write a list of them and then I usually just don’t do them. But well planned is halfway done, right?

The day I found out that I’ve gotten in to the radiographer school I planned to do a list of things I wanted to achieve during my studies. All the things aren’t school related because I thought it would be a great time to experience other things too.

I created a list of 123 to do in 1230 days (1230 days is approximately how long it takes for me to graduate from the beginning of my studies). About four months have gone and I’ve successfully done three of those things. Yey! 120 things still left to do!


I’m happy to say that I’m now caught up on Game of Thrones and I can now hardly wait for April when the next season comes out. I came pretty late to the party and started to watch the series when the third season had just ended. If I would ever regret something one thing would probably be that I didn’t start watching it the day it started.

The second thing I’ve already managed to do is getting a new friend. I’ve gotten more than one actually and so far two of them have already become very important to me. They’re called Emma and Tia and they are just awesome! I might introduce them more closely on this blog later and make another post on how I met my best friend.

PuolukkaThe third thing that I’ve completed from my list is going in the woods and pick up some wild berries. This is a thing I truly dislike a lot. I’m not comfortable squatting my way around the wood after some delicious berries. I would much rather get them in some other easier way but unfortunately fresh picked berries cost a fortune here where I live.

Last autumn I went and got myself some lingonberries but next year I might have to go get some blueberries as well because those are just delicious.

Those three things are crossed off the list and these nine things I have started to do. I’m in progress of keeping my home clean (1). I’m not a clean person although I like my home to be clean. I’m just lazy that’s what it is! But if I can keep the apartment clean for three months in a row it might turn into a habit. I’ve also started to declutter the apartment (2) and picking up things to get rid of (3).

I’ve set up a goal to read 100 books (4) during the 1230 days and so far I have four books in the bag. I continued watching Breaking Bad (5) and I’m now almost at the end of season three. I’ve also started to update my playlist of 50 songs I could listen to forever (6). I did one in 2013 and so far only 11 songs remain on that list. I might even drop a couple of them in the progress. I wonder if it’s actually even possible to pick 50 songs you would never get tired of listening to.

HarryPotterColoringBook1_coverI wanted to jump on the ‘adult coloring books’ -wagon and I wished for one for my birthday and my wish came true. I have barely started to color it though and I doubt I’ll never finish it (7). That didn’t stop me from buying a second one of those books though! I found a cool Harry Potter themed coloring book and I just had to have it!

Before my studies to become a radiographer began I really wanted to be good at school. My best friend started to study a few years ago and she’s been on the top of her class the whole time even on her exchange semester in Amsterdam and I wanted to be at least as good as her. Unfortunately I’m not as good as her but luckily I’m pretty dang close! I’ve gotten 4 on every class I’ve taken so far. Five being the best grade I’ve been doing just fine and I’m happy with myself.

So I’m doing just fine at getting the best grade on most of my classes (8) and I’m doing even better on learning all the bones in the human body (9).

Until next time…



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