Just life

Hello 2016!

New year new me

I have a confession to make. I suck at completing my new year’s resolutions! I make one or two every year and I usually I really try to complete them but I just don’t. I know most people just forget about them by February and I shouldn’t even care too much because new year’s resolutions aren’t that big of a deal anyway.

Usually the reason I can’t keep up with my resolutions is that they’re way too big. I’m not trying to create world peace or anything but I’m basically expecting too much of myself. Except last year…  A year ago one of my resolutions was to learn a new way to do my hair every month. That’s not too hard or difficult. 12 different ways to do my hair shouldn’t bee too overwhelming, but I couldn’t do it.

ResolutionsThis year I thought I might try reverse psychology on myself and make really bad new year’s resolutions. Never exercise! Eat junk food every day! Don’t try anything new with your hair at all!

Haha… It might be worth a shot…?

I know I’m going to have an awesome year even though it has barely started yet. I have a few cool things coming my way this winter and spring and I’m excited about them.

1. I’ve signed up to be an exchange tutor for some exchange students coming to our school this semester. (I’m studying to become a radiographer in case you didn’t know but wanted to know) I’ll be tutoring two Spanish girls who are coming over next Tuesday.

2. We’ve decided to spend some more time outside together with my husband. We started bird watching a year or so ago but we haven’t been bird watching as much as we wish we had. This year we’ve decided to be more serious about it and go out to the nature about once a month. I’m actually more excited about this than I thought I would be.

3. We have a seven week long practical training period this spring. I’m the sort of person who learns by doing rather than sitting in class. I’m looking forward to this practical training period like crazy.
Even though I’m quite perfect the way I am and even though I might not complete even half of these resolutions I’m going to do them anyway. And I’m going to do them the right way and maybe try the reverse psychology thing next year if I fail miserably this time around.

My resolutions are:

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Drink water
  4. Read
  5. Love

Basically I should exercise more which is extremely easy to do when I don’t exercise at all at the moment. I started water jogging once a week last October and I’m definitely going to continue to do that but I would like to find another fun way of exercising as well.

I think I eat pretty healthy but I should probably check that out next time I eat. I also eat way too big portions and it does look bigger in the mirror. I decide to drink more water every single year, and month, and day, but I still have not been able to make it a habit. I used to hate the taste in the past but I don’t anymore but I still don’t drink enough water for some reason. I’m definitely not getting any younger and water definitely makes the skin look healthier and therefore younger.

I want to read more books! I still haven’t been able to complete the 50/50 challenge. I came closer last year than ever and I actually had great chance to complete it but then I had too much school work to do and I couldn’t find the urge to read enough books. Maybe this year…

I need to change

My last new year’s resolution is to love. To spend time with friends and family and not be angry or sad. I’m not and angry or a sad person at all and with this resolution I’m going to decide not to change that this year. I promise to remain as awesome as I have been to this day and maybe become even more awesome.

Be awesome!



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