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Me? A poet?

I’ve registered myself for a blogging university course ‘writing 201: Poetry‘. I’m not really a poet. I write a poem or two every now and then for birthday wedding or other greeting cards, but they’re never too serious. I write them to make my friends and family laugh and giggle and definitely not take me seriously. I also usually always write my poems in Finnish.

I decided to take this course because I thought I’d try out something new and different. Rhyming in English is harder than in Finnish, and I like my poems to rhyme (usually), and that’s another reason I wanted to try this course – to see if I could learn how to rhyme in English.

At first I thought I would of course post my poems for this course here! But this blog isn’t a poetry blog and I don’t really want it to be a poetry blog either. I remembered my long forgotten Tumblr blog and decided to post my poems there to keep this blog more or less poetry free.

This post is here basically because I wanted to let you know I’m doing this. If you’re into poems and want to see what I come up with go follow My Tumblr Blog. I’m most likely to share my posts from there on my Facebook page and on Twitter so make sure you follow at least one of those if you want to see the poems.

Although there’s no guarantee I’ll make it to the end… 😀



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