I love angiography

I experienced something sort of amazing last week. Our whole class of radiography students were put to work in different hospitals in the area. Our studies started a month ago so we obviously weren’t allowed to actually do anything important with the patients. We were there mainly to observe and learn.

I learned a lot indeed. I asked about a trillion questions and received equal amount of answers and learned important things of my future job. The most important thing I learned however was something to do with me. I learned I’m no longer as squeamish as I thought I would be.

I used to get icked by all blood that wasn’t mine. I couldn’t bare to watch a needle or a surgeon’s knife go through any skin neither in real life but not even on hospital based TV shows. Last Wednesday I realised I had changed at some point in my life because I found a new passion that involves these icky things. I found angiography!

I find it extremely hard to explain what angiography is in English, it’s hard enough to explain it in Finnish, but I’ll leave this link to a Wikipedia article about it in case you want to know more.

I had some idea of what the angiogrpahy procedure would be like and I really doubted I’d be able to stay in the room very long. The moment the doctor made the small cut with the knife I made myself ready to turn away. But I didn’t turn away! And I didn’t feel like throwing up! I was so proud of myself.

After I realised I might actually enjoy watching the whole procedure I started to enjoy it. I realised how amazing science actually is. We are able to treat blood vessels and cure coronary artery disease from a tiny hole made for the catheter tube. It was pretty mind blowing to me to actually see how much better the blood flow was after the procedure.

Love might be a tiny bit too strong expression to describe how I feel toward angiography, but being able to see the procedure three times during one day made me embrace my ick and that’s what I love about. I would hate to be icked by my work environment in the future.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Embrace the Ick.”

Have an amazing Monday everybody!



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