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Being part of a blogging community is a lot fun! I’m sure most of you agree with that… πŸ™‚ What makes it specially fun for me is the social aspect of it – visiting other blogs, leaving comments, getting comments etc.

In the past I’ve been very lazy to leave comments on other blogs and sadly I wasn’t really active on replying to comments left in my posts. And that’s pretty bad!

After taking my year long break and getting back to blogging I made a conscious decision to get more active in the commenting department as well. And boy have I been active! I’ve spread so much love for my fellow bloggers my husband is getting jealous. πŸ˜€ To make it even better I decided to share the awesome blogs I’ve left comments on with you.

I stumbled upon aΒ short post by Juanapt at Just Plank Pages. The post, titled OMG, made me smile really wide and I left a comment to let her know that the post had done something to me. The post in itself won’t affect all, but it was funny to me for certain reasons.

One way or another I found my way to a blog by Michelle Gaskell called Stupidcats. I’m a cat person, (I own two), so the name intrigued me. I looked around and found the cutest drawings of cats who looked a little stupid and I left a comment to see if she would be interested in making custom drawings. Maybe I’ll want one of my two cats.

I came across a blog I really liked and decided to follow as well. I really liked the way Kat Richter at Fieldwork in stilettos writes and I could relate to her stories immediatley. She had written a post about how awesome her future mother in law is and I left a comment saying a few good words about my awesome mother in law.

Next I found a post of being a bad, bad blogger. NonSmokingLadybug at The Happy Quitter had broken one of the blogging rules and wrote a post about how sorry she was. Only, she wasn’t actually being a bad, bad blogger, because to me she had broken no rule at all. Aren’t we all allowed to say our opinions out loud even if it’s opposite of what the blogger had in mind. I believe that’s called a conversation and not a reason to call someone a bad blogger. I left a comment saying if she was being bad, then I was being bad too.

My favorite movie related blog is Fairytale Pictures written by Satu. Satu is my best friend in real life but her blog is pretty great and I love it. She writes posts mostly about movies, but she does tackle other topics pretty regularly. Lately she’s been extremely excited about the Oscars and she is very good at predicting the possible nominees. She thinks The Martian might get a nomination or two and I made comment to her latest post about it. I commented on how awesome I thought the trailer for The Martian was.

I found this German blog, mitneurodermitslieben, by Laura Β a couple of weeks ago. My German is really rusty but I still understand a thing here or there, but the reason I love visiting her blog is Laura herself. She seems to be a really nice and positive person to be around. I left her a comment on her about page wishing she would post something in English every once in a while. I also mentioned I nice and cool I though she was.

Last but definitely not least – An Alien! I found out there was an actual alien writing a blog trying to contact her family on her home planet Maximegalon. The alien’s name is Joules and her blog is Hitchhiker’s Guide To Internet. She’s very funny although I think she’s being deadly serious and not realise how amusing she is to us earthlings. I tried to have a conversation with her trying to let her know of her awesomeness, but we seemed to have hit a language barrier. She couldn’t understand all the words I was using and she obvioulsy used a different dictionary from mine. I have a feeling I may have insulted her in the process. I might try to reach out to her later in case she’s unable to hitchhike back home.

WordPress is filled with awesome blogs. Think about how many awesome blogs there are on other platforms.

Now it’s your turn! Go spread the love and leave some comments!



20 thoughts on “Spread the love!

  1. Reblogged this on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet and commented:
    Oops. I think this earthling somehow wire tapped my conversations with Maximegalon. But she is a very nice speci(wo)man so I will spare her my atomic beam.
    Please Maximegalonians check her blog and remember her. I want to take her with me when you guys pick me up to fly back home.

  2. Hello earthling!
    You seem to have tapped my communication with my fellow Maximegalonians. Don’t panic! There will be no consequences. Unless you hate traveling through space – because I want to take you with me when I hitchhike back home.
    I hope this is okay for you!

      1. Only if he is as small or smaller than a Gumquak and at least as strong as a Xyantip. or we will have to wait for a bigger ship – Bob knows this might take forever to arrive here.

        1. Oh boy, this might turn into a problem. My husband isn’t very small but he is pretty strong. I still wish he would be able to come along – I guess we would have to wait for the bigger ship. I’m unsure of what these Xyantip and Gumquak are, but I’m more than excited to find out.

  3. Oh my gosh, Inkeri. You have been so diligent. I mean look at your article ❀
    Thank you so much for your lovely, friendly and kind words. I am so impressed. I was so happy to find your comment on my "About"-Page and now your love in this article, awwww. send you so much love and hugs ❀

  4. Thanks for breaking down the blogs you read, and provided summaries. At least I know where to look for stuff to read now. I should comment more but I always promise myself I will when I read blogs in my email inbox but once I get to WordPress I get carried away and forget because of all these beautiful blogs on this platform.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts it would be so hard to find what to read from blogging 101 because there are so many interesting blogs but it is not always easy to find something within your interests because some of the names are so abstract and don’t say what their interest is.

    1. I used to forget the commenting as well and I used to be very shy with my comments. I was a total weirdo! I would write a comment and end up deleting it because I thought no one would want to read it anyways. But then one day I just told myself not to care what other people want. If I wanted to leave a comment I very well could!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I hope you find new awesome blogs to leave comments on, maybe one or two mentioned in this post… πŸ™‚

      1. Oh yes, you provided a springboard. I think sometimes we need some prodding to comment because it is very easy to operate in your own zone and forget to comment. It was a pleasure reading your blog. Well you made it accessible.

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