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Back in the day I listened to this

I’m gonna go for a little stroll down the memory lane today and I hope you’ll join me.

Todays memory begins from when we finally got MTV (Music Television). I was perhaps 11 years old, maybe younger but not younger than nine. This was the time when I developed my love for music and lists. I started to make a list of all the music videos I saw on MTV. There I was sitting in front of the TV with a notebook and a pen in my hand ready to write down every video that would come up next. My mom thought I was going crazy. I’m sure she was seriously thinking of getting me inside some sort of mental institution.

I wish I had that notebook somewhere, if I ever find it I’ll share it, but because it’s somewhere out of reach I made a playlist of songs I used to love in the 90’s. I’m sure I’ve also seen the music video of every single one of them and I have the proof on that notebook.

Here’s the playlist on spotify. If you like you can listen to it while you read.


I got my first CD  in 1994. I was 12 years old and I wanted to get an album called Smash by Offspring. My mom was devastated! As a kid (under 10 years old) I mostly listened to whatever my mom listened to and now I had developed my own taste in music and apparently I liked punk. I was a clueless kid back in the day; I wasn’t fully aware at the time that Offspring was punk, but when I later realised I liked other punk bands I wasn’t surprised at all that the first CD I ever owned was punk. What Happened To You? was my second favorite song from the album. Bad Habit is still my favorite, but the lyrics don’t suit my personality at all and that might confuse some people. What Happened To You? is the first song on this playlist.

My favorite band for the past 20 years has been Bon Jovi. My first Bon Jovi album is Cross Roads. I have it as a cassette tape and it’s so worn out that it hardy works anymore. We tested it with my sister on a car trip earlier this year and it was in a rather bad condition. I had trouble picking up a song by Bon Jovi for my list. I could have done a list with Bon Jovi songs alone. Always is of course the greatest rock ballad of the 90’s to me and that it shall be… Always.

I started to like rock a lot in the early 90’s and I still like it a lot. I listened to Aerosmith a lot back then. Crazy played on the radio like… well.. like crazy and of course I loved it. In the late 90’s I fell for Lenny Kraviz and his dreads. Fly Away was on constant repeat on my portable CD-player.

I also liked ‘angry woman’ music a lot. I was never very angst as a teen, but I definitely listened to the music so you would think I was. Anouk and Alanis Morissette were my favorite but I only chose to put Anouk on my list. Nobody’s Wife is still my go-to song whenever I need to de-stress my anger.

My taste in music was and still is extremely broad. I like everything! Rock, pop, funk, hip hop, R’n’B, jazz, you name it, I probably like it! The rest of the list is not punk, rock or ‘angry woman’ music, but it’s perhaps more suitable to my personality than the ones already mentioned.

I liked latin sounds as a kid. I don’t like them so much anymore for no particular reason, but back in the day I loved Laura Pausini and Ricky Martin. Later I fell head over heels in love with Enrique Iglesias. Lui Non Sta Con Te, Bombon De Azúcar and Bailamos were the songs that made me like them in the first place. Believe it or not but I can still remember most of the lyrics to these songs even though I have absolutely no idea what the lyrics are about.

I liked ‘not so angry women’ music too and Janet Jackson was awesome! She was half angry and half not angry and her music made my feet want to dance. I can’t remember how many times I moved all the furniture next to the wall in my room and just danced away to Together Again. And I sang my heart out too! I sang terribly (I still do) but I didn’t care (I still don’t care). Hero by Mariah Carey was my favorite song to sing. I could really belt out at the end and whoever heard it never wanted to hear it again. She has lost her effect on me during the years.

This seems to be a rather long post so I’ll add a picture right here for you to rest your eyes in the middle of your reading.


I’m probably the only one who even remembers Jamie Walters. He had a role as a little rugged bad boyish new kid in town on Beverly Hills 90120 (it was a TV series in case you were in a coma through the 90’s or you were not born). I was madly in love with Jamie Walters and I was extremely sad when his music career didn’t exactly take off. I think Hold On is still good though.

As a true 90’s girl I was in love with most boy bands at the time. I can still dig most of the lyrics to pretty much any song by Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Westlife, Hanson, East 17, New Kids On The Block and Take That. I didn’t add all of them to the playlist. I managed to narrow the list down to only two bands. Hanson and Take That.

I was seriously in love with Taylor Hanson when I was 15 years old. We’re the same age, he’s less than year younger than me, and I dreamed of the day we would meet and he would realise I was the perfect girl for him. We would date long distance first but eventually I would move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to be near him. Sadly this never happened and he ended up marrying someone else, and so did I. But there’s still no reason why Minute Without You couldn’t be about me. 😀

My favorite boy band of all time is Take That! I still like them and their music has always been awesome. I encountered huge difficulties choosing just one song I wanted to add to this playlist. I had already added Babe and switched it to Everything Changes. I thought about bunch of other songs as well but ended up adding Never Forget to the list basically because it usually makes me emotional and I end up crying my eyes out. What a nice way to spend a Thursday night… 😉

Spice Girls is the female equivalent to Take That and I couldn’t finish this list without a song from the girls. I loved this band as a teen and their music still makes me wanna sing and dance. I bet if I really tried I might still remember the dance moves to chorus of Stop.

Last song on the list is Stay by Lisa Loeb. My sister is still amazed how I ever found this song because she swears she has never heard it anywhere else except if I’ve played it for her. I love love love this song. It’s the best song ever!

I still have bonus song to share with you. I loved Helen Hoffner as a teenager. I loved the whole album but to take me, and you, back to all those lovely summer memories I wanted to mention Summer Of Love. Apparently she was popular pretty much only in Finland which is probably why I couldn’t find the song on spotify and that’s why I have to share it through YouTube. Sadly YouTube doesn’t have the official video for the song, but at least you can have a listen.



14 thoughts on “Back in the day I listened to this

  1. Taylor Hanson dominated my wall at one time… Then it was Nicky Byrne~~~ Something about the scratchy voice… Love love love Taylor…

    1. I was in love with Taylor’s hands as well… If I hadn’t lived so far away across the globe I’m sure Taylor would have gotten me a restraining order. 😀

  2. Hi. I really love this post. I grew up in a different time (born in 1957) and a different land – in Australia. Music was a part of my life from very early on – my brother had a cool portable record player and he constantly used it. Sgt. Peppers played a lot on it. I learned so much about life from listening to the lyrics. Some 50 years on, music is everywhere around me – technology has been good in that way for me. I can’t imagine not having music in my life. So thanks for the post – and I enjoyed listening to Summer of Love again – been a long time since I heard it. 😎

    1. It doesn’t matter if there are years or miles between us – music is like an international language everybody understands and shares feelings thru it. Even if they don’t understand the actual lyrics. I’m glad you liked my post! 🙂

      1. Absolutely. I went And lived in the USA for a decade and came to love a whole other type of music…folksy kind of traditional music heard in the Appalachian Mountains. Dulcimers, banjos and other instruments so foreign to my previous musical experiences. I really did enjoy your post — I need to get back to catching up — work once again has interfered in the flow I am seeking. 😦

  3. “Bad Habit” and “Spare Me the Details” are probably my favorite Offspring songs. Crack me up! OOooh and “Worst Hangover” too. 🙂 And I’m STILL listening to the album Jagged Little Pill at least once a month.

    I’ve been thinking about doing a “favorite 90s songs” post for a while now and this kind of cemented it. I HAVE To! Love 90s music! ❤

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