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First day of school

Today is my first day of school. I haven’t been a full-time student for 14 years and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve been working in different grocery stores for over 14 years and now I’ve decided to switch things up and try something totally different. I’m going to be a radiographer. I’ve been waiting to find my dream job – something I’m gonna be when I grow up – for so long and now I’ve found it! I’m almost 33 years old and I’m finally doing something really exciting career-wise.

What better reason to get back to blogging? New beginning! Exciting new experiences! A lot of fun ahead for sure! I’ve missed this blog a lot from time to time and now I’m back updating it after such a long time.

To keep things interesting and my life even more exciting I’ve made a list of 123 things I’m planning to to do during my school years. See more of that on the corresponding page.

Now I’ll have to get ready for school! If only the butterflies would stop flapping in my stomach! See you later!



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