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I’m running!

I hate running, but for some weird reason I’ve still given myself a long-term goal to run a half marathon. I’ve started training towards the goal and I must admit that most of the time running doesn’t feel too awful at all. With this new revelation in mind I should probably say that “I used to hate running”, because running is actually really invigorating and I quite like it.

I’m pretty excited about this half marathon thing. I don’t know for sure why or when exactly I decided I wanted to run a half marathon. One day the thought just came to me and I let it mull for a few days. Eventually it stuck and I couldn’t get rid of it and now that the decision is made I can’t wait to be there running with all of the other runners.

But before I run a little over 21 km I need to run a lot more than the short way to the bus stop every morning. We have wonderful walking and running grounds here where I live and I’ve tried many different ones back and forth. I have at least four absolutely awesome track options and a couple more OK ones to choose from.

The dirt track I usually take is winding through some green and luscious woods. The woods makes the track nice for running because it creates some wonderful cooling shade and it doesn’t get excruciatingly hot even though the sun is shining from the clear blue sky. If I didn’t blast my spotify playlist on full volume I would probably hear about a hundred birds singing their beautiful tweet-tweets at me as I woosh past them.

The track is very convenient in many ways. It has a nice amount of steep uphills and the same amount of easy downhills giving me some variety and the chance to really push myself. There are some weight training devices made out logs in about halfway in. I haven’t utilised them yet because I’m not sure how exactly they work, but maybe someday I’ll try them out.

Towards the end of the route the dirt track widens and turns into an asphalt road. I run, or walk, past some big and expensive looking houses. If I had a lot more money I wouldn’t mind living in one of them. Most of them have big beautiful yards and every single one them has a trampoline. At least it seems that way… I can hear a dog bark somewhere through the music.

The part I hate the most about running and exercise in general is the ‘going’-part. It’s always a huge struggle for me to get myself ready and go. Once I’m out and I smell the green of the woods, the freshly cut grass and the sweat in my armpits I always feel awesome. The closer I get back home the better I feel. By the time I hit the shower I feel like I just moved a huge mountain and there’s nothing in this world that I couldn’t do.

At the end of the day, running is pretty cool!

Remember to exercise! -Inkeri


One thought on “I’m running!

  1. Great job on setting a goal and sticking with it! 🙂 That kind of self motivation is hard to come by. It is awesome that you are documenting it for everyone to read, and probably keep yourself a little more accountable. Nicely done! Keep up the great work!

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