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In the year 2014


Happy new year! I’m back! I’m here! I’ve been very quiet blogging-wise for a bit over a month now, but now I’m back! I guess a year of daily blogging was just a little too much and eventually I got fed up with it. I took my vacation and now I have things to say again.

This post will contain my new year’s resolutions, but before I come up with them I want to review on how I did with my resolutions last year. I can tell you didn’t do too good, but I did OK.

Shortly – my resolutions were to choose to be happy every day, exercise, eat healthy, lose weight, take an IQ test, learn how to do a french braid and complete the 50/50 challenge. There’s only one resolution in those seven I can honestly say that I completed, one that I did very good with, one I didn’t do at all, one that I completed half of and three I did a little. Last year’s resolutions are on a post called Top 7 – New Year’s Resolutions.

The one thing I actually did is to learn how to make a french braid. One of best friends taught me how to do it over the summer and she was a perfect teacher. I’ve watched countless of YouTube videos trying to do what they’re doing in the videos, but I just didn’t get until Sanna showed me what to do. I may not be very good at it yet, but I think this braid looks pretty good.

french braid

The one I would like to say I completed as well, (but I guess I didn’t) is to choose to be happy every day. I didn’t make this choice every day, but I did it on most days. I think I did it perhaps 87% of the year which is pretty good I would say, but still I did not do it properly and therefore this resolution wasn’t successful.

I completed half of the 50/50 challenge. I watched over 50 movies, but I only read 11 books. You can find the complete list of movies and books over here! I think it’s just sad that I read only 11 books and what’s even more sad is that I read those during the first half of the year and then I didn’t read a thing for the rest of the year. Sometime around October I totally gave up when I realised I’m not going to be able to read 39 books in two months, so I stopped updating the movies too.

The thing I didn’t do at all was to take an IQ test. I did this as much as to check out where and when I would be able to take one, and talked about with a friend and decided we were going to take it together, but then didn’t. So I guess I did this a little bit after all, but completely failed to see it through.

The rest, exercising, eating healthy and losing weight, I did halfheartedly. I did some exercising every now and then, but mostly I didn’t do it at all. I could list perhaps about 20 reasons in a minute on why I didn’t exercise, but all of them would excuses. I just didn’t. I think I did fairly good with eating healthy, but I could have done so much better. I weighed around 92 kilos at the beginning of last year. By the end of the year I had lost 7 kilos, which is good, but not close enough to 20 kilos which was my goal for the whole year. I’ve now gained some of the weight back during Christmas and not just paying attention to what I eat, but I still weigh less than I did a year ago. I’m happy and sad at the same time. 🙂 😦

Resolutions for 2014

I like number 7 for some reason. I had seven resolutions last year and I’m going to have seven resolutions this year as well.

1. Complete the 50/50 challege!

I’m very determined to do it this year. In fact I’m so determined to complete it that I’ve decided to blog about it. I started the blog two years ago when I first attempted the challenge, but I didn’t keep up with it, and didn’t complete the challenge either. I will post my progress on Movies/Books – The Challenge once a week.

2. No sugar!

I’ve decided to have just one sugar-day per month. This means I won’t eat any sweets, cakes, muffins or lemonade except once a month moderately. This resolution also rules out all the salty and greasy treats like crisps, burgers and sausage rolls. I’m very confident that I will fail, but this makes me to try succeeding even more, because I’m very willing to show myself that I can do it!

3. Take an IQ test!

I’m halfway there, thanks to last year, I already know where and when I can take one. Now I just have to do it!

4. Go to the dentist!

I really should go as soon as possible. I’m sure I have at least 15 cavities and at least one huge one!

5. Choose happiness!

Why wouldn’t I want to choose happiness again this year. I want to be happy even though everything might not go as planned. I can still be happy and no one can stop me for being happy!

6. Lose weight!

I will set my goal to 20 kilos again this year. If I really wanted to I could easily lose that in six months, so I should be able to do it in a year. If I do it, I’m going to be down to a healthy weight and nothing would be better than that!

7. Take photographs!

I have a fancy camera that takes great pictures even if I’m not the best photographer. I want to take more photos, but so far I haven’t been capturing them because I’ve had this feeling that they should be absolutely amazing. A few weeks ago I decided that they don’t have to be super amazing. I decided not to care if the lighting isn’t perfect of if the photo is a little blurry. I want to have memories and that’s what I’m planning to do. I’m going to make memories!

How did you do with your resolutions?
Did you make resolutions for this year?

I’m excited for this year and I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one! I hope tag along and enjoy the ride with me!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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