Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Bond Tunes

Top 7We watched a Bond movie the other night with my husband before going to bed. The truth is I only saw a glimpse of it before I fell asleep, but it still inspired me to create the list I’ll share with you today.

All the James Bond movies have a different artist performing the main title song for each movie. Most of the songs have the James Bond vibe in them though each song very strongly reflects the artist performing the song as well as the era the song and movie was released.

These are my favorite James Bond themes:

#7: Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey

I love diamonds, but besides that I think this song is pretty darn good.


#6: The Man With The Golden Gun by Lulu

I like this song because it’s very catchy and Lulu has an awesome voice.


#5: Licence To Kill by Gladys Knight

It’s a groovy and a powerful song and I like it.


#4: Goldeneye by Tina Turner

This is the first Bond song I remember paying attention to. I don’t like Pierce Brosnan as Bond, but I like this song.


#3: You Know My Name by Chris Cornell

I remember loving this song very much when it first came out. I still think it’s a great song.


#2: Another Way To Die by Jack White and Alicia Keyes

This song is so good! It’s Jack White, Alicia Keyes and James Bond. It’s also very rock!


#1: Skyfall by Adele

This song won an Academy Award for being so good! It’s an amazing song and I love it!


With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



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