Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – TV series from early 90’s

Top 7I was a huge fan of TV as a kid. I watched it way too much and it made my mom lose her nerves more than a few times. Something got me nostalgic and I found myself thinking of TV series I used to watch when I was a pre-teen, or in my early teen years.

This is a list of my favorite TV shows from the early 90’s

#7: Mad About You

I pretty sure I would still enjoy watching this TV show of it came out today.

Mad About You

#6: Home Improvement

This show always made me laugh.

Home Improvement

#5: The Cosby Show

This was the TV show our whole family watched and it was good too! There aren’t many other TV shows that has the same sort of comedy, warmth, and family values around these days.

The Cosby Show

#4: Blossom

I can vividly remember Blossom’s best friend Six and how fast she could speak. It was absolutely mesmerizing!


#3: Boy Meets World

I can’t really pin point what was so great about this show, but it still was pretty awesome. It was probably the characters though… 🙂

Boy Meets World

#2: Beverly Hills 90210

I remember wanting to have a twin brother when watching this show. For some reason I just wanted to be Brenda and have a brother like Brandon. This was one of my favorite series for a long time!

Beverly Hills 90210

#1: My So Called Life

This was my favorite TV show ever and it will always be the one with my first on screen true love, Jordan Catalano.

My So Called Life

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



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