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New posting schedule

If you’ve been following my blog closely for the past few weeks, especially yesterday, you should know that I will no longer post every day. That was a project I had planned to try for a year and now I’m glad it’s over, and more than happy to continue with a new posting schedule.

I will continue to post three times a week. On Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

I will continue to do my Top 7 list on every Friday. That’s personally my favorite weekly feature I have and I will continue to do it until I can’t think of anything I couldn’t make a list of. I doubt that won’t be happening any time soon, so stay tuned for more.

Sunday’s Weekly Wrap Up isn’t going anywhere yet either. I like doing it for myself. I can always go back and see what sort of things I did that week, what I was into, and what sorts of things I had just discovered. Also the Me of the Week feature in the wrap up will eventually show how much I change as time goes by, or if I change at all.

Tuesdays will have multiple purposes. The first Tuesday of every month will be called Slim Down Tuesday. I will quit the Health Month thing altogether and from tomorrow on I will post something weight loss related on Slim Down Tuesdays. I feel that writing a full post of my weekly weight loss and progress every week is too often, so I will do that just once a month from now on. I’m planning to give myself realistic weight loss goals for each month and also review how I did the previous month and so on. There’s a chance I will post short thoughts of my progress during the month on Twitter or Tumblr.

On the second Tuesday of every month I’ll post whatever I feel like. It’s going to be my miscellaneous day of the month. I might post something from Memory Lane, or take part in a writing challenge, or just talk of whatever it is that I feel like talking about. It’s like the wild card day and you can’t possibly know what I come up with.

The third Tuesday of every month will have no posts, because every third week I’ll mix things up a bit and I’ll post on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, and continue to give my short thoughts on movies, books and maybe even music under the slightly false name of Wednesday Review. My reviews are never exactly reviews, but more like my thoughts on how something made me feel. I will rate everything that I “review” by giving them 1-5 thumbs up though.

The last Tuesdays of every month will be more crafty. Since I longer blog every day, I should have more time to do different sorts of crafts. I like making cards and I will definitely do more of those and post my ideas here in the future. The last Tuesday of each month could also introduce you to a new recipe I’ve tried or a new skill that I’ve learned. Basically I will sort of teach you how to do something on these Tuesdays. It’ll mostly be about crafts and recipes though.

Some months are trickier than others, and those really tricky months have five Tuesdays. I can’t plan anything highly important to be posted on the fifth Tuesday every month because I would obviously miss it every now and then. So instead I decided that those extra Tuesdays will be my days off, unless I have something very important to tell you, like how great I think all my readers are!

Hope this new schedule is even half as exciting for you as it is for me. See you tomorrow!

Don’t forget to be awesome!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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