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Top 7 – Fairytales

Top 7My mom or dad always read me and my sister a bedtime story at night or before our nap-time. I had a few favorites that I can still remember liking back then. I’ve gathered up a list of seven stories that I shall call my favorites.

goldilocks_and_the_three_bears#7: Goldilocks and the three bears

I like the sort of stories that teach right from wrong, although that’s the adult in me that likes those stories more than the kid that I once was. I don’t think kids even realise all the things stories secretly teaches us until we’re older. But that’s the whole point of fairytales anyway, right?

This story is so simple, yet it teaches so efficiently not to touch other people’s things without asking, but also reminds you to protect and lock what is yours.

little red riding hood#6: Little Red Riding Hood

This fairytale by the Brothers Grimm is perhaps the scariest of this list. I don’t remember ever being afraid of this story, but I could be utterly wrong since I’m usually quite easily scared.

It’s of course a classic fairytale of good and bad, choosing the right path and so on. Everyone knows the story of course… I liked it as a kid, but I think I like it even more now as an adult.

The Princess and the Pea#5: The Princess and the Pea

This story of Hans Christian Andersen is one of my favorite princess stories ever. This Prince has finally found a princess who he wants to marry, but before the bells can chime the new Princess must pass a test to prove that she is a real Princess.

The Princess must sleep the night with a pea under the mattress and if she can’t feel the pea while she sleeps, she can’t be a real Princess. The evil trick behind this test lies in the amount of the mattresses. There are many and it would see impossible for the Princess to feel a teeny tiny pea through so many layers.

But does she? I won’t spoil you! You have to read the story to find out!

Pippi Långstrump#4: Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking)

Pippi Långstrump is the strongest nine-year-old in the world. She has a horse and a monkey, and she lives alone in a big house, and she does pretty much whatever she wants. Her mother is dead and her father is a sea captain and he’s usually off sea all the time, which leaves her to be at home alone.

Astrid Lindgren is a Swedish author who has created many amazing and warm children’s stories. Pippi is one of them and she’s perhaps the coolest girl ever!

emil_i_lonneberga#3: Emil i Lönneberga (Emil of Lönneberga)

Emil of Lönneberga is a rascal who gets into a lot of trouble all the time. Emil comes from the same author as Pippi and is very much as enchanting as her.

Emil also has a little sister and I always related myself with her, because I’m also a little sister. Emil usually used Ida to get in trouble, like the one time he pulled her up the flagpole by her skirt. I still laugh at that whenever I think of it.

Moomins#2: Moomins

I can’t possibly choose just one Moomin story to be my favorite, because they’re all very good. I’ve even written a whole post about how much I like the Moomin stories (Moomins are great!).

I don’t think I necessarily have to choose a favorite story of them all, if I just admit I love each and every one of them equally. I loved them as a kid and I still do.

Mintun joulukirja#1: Mintun joulukirja (Minttu’s Christmasbook)

This is the book that inspired me to do this list in the first place. I loved this book as a kid, even though it’s a Christmas book and we probably didn’t read it whole year around, but I loved it.

Maikki Harjanne is a Finnish author who has created the main character MInttu, a five-year-old (if I remember correctly) girl, who has appeared in various books by the Harjanne. I remember liking most of the MInttu-books, but this Christmas-book has always been my favorite, because I love Christmas myself.

What is/was your favorite fairytale?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



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