Slim Down Project

Health Month – I’m doing something right

Health monthI’ve managed to hold the same exact weight for three weeks in a row. I must be doing something right for it not going up, but I’v definitely been doing something I shouldn’t have for it not going down either. I was slightly bummed out for my weight being the same last week, but this week I find it quite pleasing. It takes some sort of skill to be able to maintain the exact same weight for three weeks in a row, I think.

Last week I told myself to get back to the gym and get started on some sort weekly gym schedule, but I failed due to being an emotional mess. My mom went trough a surgery at the beginning of last week and ended up in the ICU with a severe sepsis. She’s getting better already although she’s still hooked to a respirator, but I was too thrown off emotionally, that I absolutely forgot all of my health plans.

Because I failed with my plans to go to the gym last week, I’m going to try and do that for real this week.

Hope you’re being healthy and happy!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri




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