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Internet had a day-off

Internet is very much part of our family. My blog relies on it and YouTube videos won’t play without it. I use internet to connect with friends on Facebook and to listen to music on Spotify. My husband is constantly googling things that might interest him and he also plays some weird text-based game with his friends that also requires an internet connection. He seems to be quite hooked on Wikipedia as well, which makes him almost invincible in Trivial Pursuit.

I wouldn’t say we couldn’t survive without internet ( I’ve lived happily the first half of my life without it after all), but we do use it a lot every day. Today our internet connection decided to have a day-off. It’s been bugging us all day going on and off as it pleases forcing us to do other things. If it hadn’t been such a rainy day it wouldn’t have bothered at all, but because Netflix also need an internet connection we couldn’t do anything we normally would have.

Thanks to our internet acting up me and the husband went to check out the new shopping center not too far from our neighborhood. It wasn’t a big one, which was actually great. All the big ones has too many stores anyway and all the stores you want to go to are naturally on opposite sides of the huge complex, but this shopping center was just perfect. I’m sure I’ll be going there often in the future as it’s right next to my work place.

My husband’s brother and his girlfriend came over on the afternoon and we ate well. We had a great time just talking and playing scrabble. If the internet had been working the men probably would have checked either something games, or ice hockey, or formula 1 related on Google. But instead we did something together and had an amazing time.

After our guests left I had my fingers crossed and hoped the internet would be back on so I could finally write my blog. I have eight posts left after this one to finish my one year of blogging every day. I would hate it if I missed a day because our internet was acting weird. Sadly the internet wasn’t back up and I was getting rather frustrated.

I have a separate internet connection on my mobile phone and I was planning to write a short post using my phone if I had to, but luckily just as I was opening the WordPress app on my phone, our internet magically got back on and I was finally able to write this post.

Everyone needs a day off every once in a while, even the internet. Maybe I should give my internet more days off in the future, because I do spend a lot of time using it, and today was a great day after all.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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