Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – Conan reviewing GTA

Wednesday Review

I had planned I would give a review on something today, but by the time I was going to write the review I wasn’t sure what I would be reviewing. I took a stroll online trying to look for inspiration, and to procrastinate as I usually do. I found a video where Conan O’Brien reviews the newest Grand Theft Auto. The review was funny and I figured I’d review the video of Conan reviewing the game.

This is the video I’m talking about:

I’ve always liked Conan O’Brien and I think he is pretty funny. He has done the same sort of game reviews before and he calls the series ‘Clueless Gamer’. I have not watched the rest of the reviews yet.

Conan plays a few different stories from the game and tries to succeed with the missions. I can get a good idea of what the game is really about, what you’re supposed to do and what you can do in the game. He seems to really get into the game from the very beginning. I even found myself almost cheering when Franklin got on the stolen boat and as confused as Conan on the fact that the bouncer had a grenade.

What bouncer has a grenade? What bouncer is prepared for a helicopter attack?
(Quote by Conan O’Brien)

All in all I enjoyed the review. I smiled at times and laughed out loud a couple of times. By the end I felt bummed out that my husband has not yet bought the game and now when I would like to have a go at it, I can’t.

I give the Grand Theft Auto Five review by Conan O’Brien three and a half thumbs up!

Three and a half thumbs up

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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