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Poem – André-Jacques Garnerin

Today is the anniversary of the first ever parachute “jump”. It wasn’t exactly a jump, but more like a release. André-Jacques Garnerin was a pioneer balloonist who invented the prototype for a parachute and was the first man ever to come down from 3000 feet with the help of a parachute. This all happened 216 years ago today!

I was inspired by the google doodle that informed me of this event to make a blog post about it. I had my poet-vain pulsing in my brain and came up with this fun little poem.

There once lived a man in the country of France
who wanted to fly across the sky
but how could he get up so high when
he didn’t have wings and he might even die
This man was more clever than others that time
He came with and idea that suited just fine
Hot-air balloon would get him up high
A parashute would aid him with the dive
All this took place many years ago
216 years has since gone
What he accomplished was a total win
The man’s name was André-Jacques Garnerin

Hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new with me today.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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