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Health Month – Lack of motivation

Health monthI thought I did so good last week. I did my daily jumping jacks everyday (except once), I ate healthy, I drank my water even if I didn’t want to, but I lost no weight at all. I weighed exactly the same this morning as I did last Monday and now I feel betrayed. I know it’s normal for the weight to do this sort of thing when you’re trying to lose it. This knowledge still doesn’t make me feel any more motivated unless I see results.

October progress week 3

I have big problems with finding motivation to do anything healthy. You’d think eating healthy is easy, but it’s not as simple. You have to think what you put in your mouth and when you put it there. You need to get all the vital nutrients from your food, so you have to eat a variety of different foods. To some people this might be as easy as walking, but I have to but some real thought into this every now and then. And right now I lack the motivation.

I love and I hate winter. The weather has gone cold here in Finland which means I have to but more clothes on when I go outside. I have no problem with this fact until I begin considering to go out for a brisk 5K walk. If I don’t put enough clothes on I get cold, and I hate feeling cold, but if put too many clothes on I get too hot and then my glasses go all frosty and then I can’t see, and it’s already dark out, so I couldn’t see properly anyway, but now I see nothing at all. And mom always says you shouldn’t get sweaty when it’s cold outside or you’ll get sick, so I can’t risk that, right. (Excuses?)

I like going out for a brisk walk, but not when it’s cold and dark. I have no motivation for that during winter.

I have a gym membership which I haven’t used much. I’ve been thinking of getting myself back on the treadmill and maybe create a weekly schedule for gym. Then I wouldn’t have to go outside to the coldness.

Maybe I should turn gym into my personal challenge this week…? Yeah! I will challenge myself to go there and update my gym routine and then make a a weekly schedule and obey it.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


One thought on “Health Month – Lack of motivation

  1. Thumbs up for trying but I don’t see the reason to make excuses (what all of those are), just admit, you don’t feel like it and you either go for a walk or don’t but at least you don’t waste time to make excuses. 🙂

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