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I love you “Fictional Character”!

I’ve been pretty lazy today and I’ve been lazy enough to have been postponing starting today’s blog post for as long as I possibly could. Now it’s basically midnight and my eyes are telling me to go to sleep, but instead I’m writing a list of five fictional characters I’ve once been in love with.

1. Jordan Catalano

Jordan Catalano was perhaps the first fictional love of my life. I loved My So Called Life as a teen and the character played by Jared Leto was the cutest and baddest boy I knew. I was totally in love and seriously devoted to him.

Jordan Catalano

2. Eric Northman

I first fell in love with Eric Northman in book form. He is the sexiest vampire of this century and somewhere deep down inside he has a warm… I was about to say heart or soul, but I guess vampires has neither. Whatever it is that he has deep down inside of him, I love him, no matter what. Alexander Skarsgård is a great choice to play the character. At least I have no complaints at all!

Eric Northman

3. Cappie

I was once totally in love with the whole Kampus Greek series and Cappie was the love of my life during that period of time. He just had something in him that got my heart beating faster and my lust feels going.


4. Tony Stark

I think Iron Man might be my favorite avenger and Tony Stark definitely my favorite man character ever! The man is sexy, rich and acts like a little brat. Why wouldn’t I be in love with the character…?

Tony Stark

5. Rhett Butler

I always wanted to be Scarlett O’Hara so I could live with Rhett Butler happily ever after, even though they actually didn’t live happily ever after. Later as I got older I realised Scarlett was actually a mean bitch who didn’t really care how many people got hurt as long as she got what she want, and I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. I was still madly in love with Rhett Butler though.

Rhett Butler

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


One thought on “I love you “Fictional Character”!

  1. I loved this post! And I also loved the fact you chose Rhett Butler as your number one (though, Scarlett is my ultimate heroine, so you were kinda rude about her… 😦 ).

    I was trying to think my crushes to fictional characters (and I only stayed at tv and movies because if I think of all those characters from books as well, the list would be neverending) and came up with a few. The first I thought was Bobby from Twin Peaks (guess it’s that bad boy vibe even though he’s not exactly one). And Luke from Beverly Hills 90210. And Loki from Marvel Universe but because I also adore Tom Hiddleston, I can’t really say it’s only the fictional character.

    But I guess my top-five would be:

    5. Dean Winchester from Supernatural
    4. Jack Dawson from Titanic
    3. Pacey from Dawson’s Creek
    2. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings
    1. Spike from Buffy (the one and only)

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