Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Things that annoy me.

Top 7


There are things in this world that annoy the hell out of me. One of the things that annoy me the most is me procrastinating on writing my daily posts. Because I’m extremely annoyed at myself at the moment, I’m going to share a few things that annoy me in this world.

This might turn into a rant…

#7: The sound of the vacuum cleaner

There must be quiet vacuum cleaners out there somewhere, but they’re probably way too expensive for my budget, so I’m stuck with the loud ones. I hate the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Especially if someone else is using it, which is weird, because I should be glad someone else is using it instead of me.

#6: People who don’t use the turn signal in their car

You might think it’s not important for the person driving in front or behind you to know what your next move is going to be, but guess what! It is quite important! Using your turning signal to let other drivers know you’re about to turn or change lanes might even prevent accidents. Who knew… Cars have the turn signals for a reason, so use them!

#5: Cat meowing in the middle of the night

We have two cats, and the other has developed a habit of meowing in the middle of the night. She does meow quite a lot during the day as well, but when she starts wailing right when I’m going to bed, it gets extremely annoying!

#4: Kids cycling without helmets

I constantly see kids cycling with their protective helmets swinging by the handlebar. It makes me want to yell at them to put the helmet on or it’s not going to save you. The car usually always wins, no matter if the driver did right or wrong. The fact that the accidents was probably the driver’s fault (probably didn’t use the turn signal..) is not going to make you any happier when your brains are already on the ground.

On this same note, what annoys me even more is the parents who have their kids wearing helmets, but are not wearing helmets themselves. How much fun are the kids gong to have with a brain-damaged, or even worse, a dead parent.

#3: My husbands alarm on my days off

My husband keeps his alarm in the kitchen, so he has to get up from the bed and walk from one room to another to switch it off in order not to fall right back to sleep. The alarm is very loud and I always wake up when it rings, and because I’m a morning person I don’t always fall back asleep when he turns it off. He wakes up at 5 am, and I really don’t want to get up that early on my days off.

The most annoying part is that when it’s the other way around he doesn’t wake up when my alarm rings even though I keep right by the bed. He just goes on with his dreams like nothing’s going on.

#2: People who complain all the time

People who complain all the time take up so much of my positive energy that it annoys me almost more than anything in this whole wide world. I’m not talking about people who complain when there’s actually something to complain about, but when you just complain and complain but are not actually willing to do anything to make it better, you start annoying me pretty fast.

Choose happiness! Stop complaining!

#1: Lazy people

I know some people are slower than others, but when you’re just pure lazy, you get my fire burning at the wrong end. There was this one guy working as temporary help at our work last week, who was so lazy. I think I’ve never met someone so lazy before. He was supposed to but some stuff on the shelves, but purposely left the bottom shelve empty because he was too lazy to get on his knees. He even admitted it!

At one point he was helping me to stack up some chocolate boxes into towers. He took about 30 minutes to do the same amount of work that took me about three minutes. As if he was being slow because he knew I’d give him something else to do the minute he finished one job and he probably didn’t really want to do anything. He was so frustrating to work with!

The most annoying part about the guy was the fact that he actually got paid too. He did virtually nothing and he got paid for it!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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