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Writer’s Workshop – I miss being child

The heading is a little misleading; I don’t exactly miss being a child. I love being a grown-up! Anyway, even if I don’t really miss my childhood, I am going to share a list of things I miss about being a kid.

It’s Thursday, so this post is of course inspired by one of the prompt on Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop!

The Prompts:

1.) A pumpkin inspired craft or recipe!
2.) If you were dressing up for Halloween this year, what would you go as and why?
3.) Something that scared you when you were young…are you still afraid?
4.) Describe your first pregnancy…piece of cake or terrible experience?
5.) List 10 things you miss about being a kid.

5.) List 10 things you miss about being a kid.

1. The long summer breaks from school.

It seems the four week vacation from work is always too short when compared with the ten week long vacations we had off from school during the summer. I definitely took all that free time for granted and now I miss it.

2. The long talks out on the playground in the middle of the night with my best friend.

We used sit at the swing set on the playground with my best friend very late at night during those long summer breaks from school, and we just talked about anything and everything. We were definitely making the world a better place with our talks. Now we’re both so busy we hardly ever see each other. I should definitely give her a call.

3. Studying new languages.

I used to learn new languages quite easily. I can still manage my English pretty well, and I don’t suck at Swedish, but I used to know how to speak German as well. Now I’m trying to study French at the community college and either the language is hard or I just don’t get it.

4. Making mixed tapes.

I miss sitting by the radio with my cassette tape ready in the recorder waiting for my favorite songs to play so I could catch them on tape. When CDs came around, I used to make my own mixed tapes as well of all the best songs on the albums.

5. Music videos on MTV.

There was a time when MTV showed actual music videos on the channel. I loved watching music videos! I used to make a list of every music video I’ve ever seen while watching them. I have no idea why and I’m not sure if the notebook is still safe somewhere.

6. Visiting my dad at his work.

I used to go to school by bus when I was attending elementary school. We moved to the suburbs when I was on third grade, but I didn’t want to switch schools because I had just started studying Swedish and the school closer to home didn’t teach Swedish at the time.

Because my parents were divorced and I didn’t see my dad at home every day, I had developed a habit of visiting him at his workplace after school. He worked at a grocery store and he used to let me help him putting things on the shelves. I liked visiting his workplace a lot as a kid.

7. Mom or dad cooking.

Both of my parents has always been good cooks and as and adult I really miss someone else cooking the food. I’m lucky enough to have a husband who cooks, so I don’t always have to be the one who cooks, but I generally miss food cooked by my mom or dad.

8. Answering the phone.

The time before mobile phones meant that all the family’s phone calls came to one phone. I loved answering the phone for some reason. I always ran to the phone wanting to who’s calling. I only very rarely declined answering the phone, and this usually happened only if something good was on TV when the phone happened to ring.

9. Getting the mail.

We lived in a rowhouse when I was a kid and all the mailboxes were also in a neat row by the road. I loved being the first one at the mailbox after school to see what the mailman had brought us. It was lovely because I didn’t have to care about all the bills and boring stuff. Instead I could leaf through my moms magazines before she got home and read all the colourful advertisements dreaming of what mom could by me the next time she went to the store. Mail-time was a good time!

10. My favorite uncle.

I have two uncles. Actually, I have only one uncle these days. The other uncle died many years ago and it was really sad because he was my favorite one. He used to visit us a lot and he was always fun to hang around with. He was goofy and cool! I don’t know even one person who wouldn’t have liked him. I miss his visits a lot. And I miss him.

What do you miss of being a kid?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – I miss being child

  1. Don’t hate me, but I couldn’t include summer breaks on my list because I’m a teacher. That being said, I’ve worked every summer, either temping or teaching summer school. However, next summer (for the first time since I was a kid), I’m taking the summer off and going to Italy to celebrate my fortieth birthday. In preparation, I’m studying Italian, so I feel your woes regarding studying French. I studied German in high school, and it seemed easier than Italian. (Mein Deutsch is besser als mein Italianisch.) Maybe we’re finding French and Italian difficult because they are “romance languages,” whereas (I believe) Swedish and English are both Germanic languages.

    1. I think you’re right about Swedish and English being easier to learn because they’re Germanic, and French and Italian being based in Latin are much harder for us. But let’s not give up!

      How good for you to finally have a summer vacation and going on a trip too! Traveling is always great and I hear Italy is a great country to visit.

  2. I enjoyed Summer breaks and making mixed tapes too. And the MTV videos were awesome then! Too bad they don’t play them often anymore. I think I enjoyed craft projects the most as a kid. There was no time limit, to job to go to, no bills to pay…just free time to enjoy being creative. I miss that a lot.

  3. SUCH a great list! I’m with you on all of these. Summer breaks were awesome and I have those same memories of school recess with friends. Funny how friends are your absolute world when you’re in school. I couldn’t have imagined life without them!

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