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My shopping list

Ever since starting my new healthier lifestyle I created a habit of making a meal plan for every up-coming week. I’ve missed a lot of weeks, but I find planning my every meal and snacks beforehand to be an easy way to eat healthy. It saves money too!

I plan my meals for the week every Sunday. After I’ve decided what to eat I write my grocery shopping lists for the week as well. I usually have two grocery lists for every week; one for Monday and the second for Thursday. I’m open to change and sometimes my plans change during the week. Then I just scratch off some of the list and add bunch of new things.

This week my shopping list was a little different. Instead of two lists I had five. There’s been this big sales campaign at the department store where I work this week and I had loads of things I wanted to buy for smaller price. We had new products up for sale every day and in order to remember all the ones I wanted to buy I had to have a well structured list of the things I wanted for each day.

Shopping list
The list is in Finnish, because that’s the language I speak. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a long list and I definitely didn’t buy all of it. I did add some while shopping though, but now I don’t have to buy much food for the next two weeks at least. I’ve got my freezer filled with food and my dry goods well stocked up.

Soon it’s time to start making lists for Christmas! Those are my favorite kind of lists to make. ๐Ÿ™‚

I never thought I would post a picture of my shopping list on my blog, but when someone gives you an idea you use it, right! I was given the idea by Prompts for the Promptless – the weekly writing challenge hosted by The Queen Creative.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds โ€“ Inkeri



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