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Writers Workshop – Ouija board

I’m gonna take you down a memory lane again. I never realised how many memories I actually have until I made my first ‘Trip down memory lane‘ post. I hope you like reading them, because I sure like to reminisce them!

Here are the prompts for the Writer’s Workshop this week.


1.) Talk about what you loved most about your college experience.
2.) Spooky! Tell us about your encounter with a Ouija board!
3.) October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We are having a walk, in honor of Shaniel, along the “Price River Walkway” behind the home they lived in. (inspired by Carol)
4.) Hand your child a camera and share life captured from their perspective.
5.) Pumpkin patch post!

2.) Spooky! Tell us about your encounter with a Ouija board!

I didn’t even remember this incident at first, but after a couple of seconds after reading the prompts I remembered that me and my friends actually made an ouija board as teenagers.

I had three friends as a teenager who I was really close with and we we hung out together a lot. We were maybe about 16 years old when we had one of our many sleep overs at a friends house. This sleep over was different because we had decided to create an ouija board and see if we could talk to someone on the other side.

We used plain greaseproof paper, the kind you use for baking, and a normal glass. We wrote all the letters of the alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9 and the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on it. I think we had some sort of instruction we used to get it as right as possible. 

We lit candles too. I believe there was an instruction for how many candles we were supposed to use and where to place them in the instruction manual. We followed the instructions pretty closely.

After we had done all the preparations we gathered around the board and placed our hands on the upside down turned glass and we waited. We waited for a few minutes for something to happen, but nothing did. We figured we would probably have to ask some questions to get answers, so we did.

We quickfired a dozen different questions and were getting frustrated because nothing was happening. We were almost giving up when all of sudden the glass moved. It didn’t move just a hint, it moved a lot, although it didn’t move anywhere specific. Me and another friend freaked out! For a minute we thought one of us had moved it, but we all convinced each other it wasn’t me. 

I still to this day have no idea if it was one of my friends who moved the glass, it certainly wasn’t me, and we certainly didn’t continue asking questions, so we never found out if it really was someone from across the grave who did it.

It was scary, but fun at the same time, but don’t ask me to try it out again.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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