Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – Monsters, Love?, Driving, and Teens

Wednesday ReviewWednesdays are usually the days when I give short reviews of movies I’ve seen, music I’ve listened to, or books I’ve read. It seems I’ve been concentrating most on the movies I’ve seen bit this year and today is no exception.

Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. AliensWhat to do when aliens attack? Attack back with monsters of course! Lucky enough the aliens just happen to attack the United States, who just happen to have a small group of monsters set aside to use as defense.

The movie was good and I’m sure all kids around the world loves these monsters quite as much as adults as well. My favorite character was the slightly attention seeking President of the United States (voiced by Stephen Colbert). And B.O.B (voiced by Seth Rogen), and Dr. Cockroach Ph.D. (voiced by Hugh Laurie). I liked all of them!

As I said, the movie was good, but not the best. I’ve seen it about two times now, which sort of says it definitely isn’t bad.

I give Monsters vs. Aliens three thumbs up!

Three thumbs

Failure To Launch

Failure To LaunchI think I’ve always sort of been a fan of Matthew McConaughey. I believe I’ve liked most of the movies he has been in and he’s sort of handsome as well, I guess. I also like his last name. For some reason it sounds funny in my native-Finish-speaking mouth.

I also like romantic comedies a lot and I usually end up forgiving them for not being very good more often than other genres. This movie for example was totally predictable and not extremely laughable, but I still liked it. Although, without Zooey Deschanel this movie would have been a lot worse!

I give Failure To Launch two thumbs up!

two thumbs up


DriveMy best friend, (the one who loves movies) praised this movie when it first came out. At least that’s what I recall. Because she had made it clear that she liked the movie, I had somewhat high expectations towards it. I’m happy to say the expectations were met and I ended up liking the movie.

It’s a good movie, good characters, great acting, but at the end I was left with a thought “Why can’t they just get along? Why do they have to beat each other up all the time?”

I enjoyed the film!

I give Drive four thumbs up!

Four thumbs

Not Another Teen Movie

Not Another Teen MovieMaybe I’m just getting older or smarter, but I didn’t laugh once when watching this movie. It is an old movie, so maybe the times have changed and this sort of thing doesn’t make people laugh anymore.

I have nothing else to say except that it was a waste of time to watch it and I don’t know why I even did.

I give Not Another Teen Movie one thumb up!

One Thumb up

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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