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I’ve worked in various different grocery stores since I was 16 years old. I work hard and I try my best to do my work as well as I can while helping others as well if they need help. I might sound smug for saying so, but I’m really good at what I do and I’m used to getting positive feedback, which always feels good of course.

I got some unexpected positive feedback today from a colleague today. To be honest, it was more a compliment than feedback, and it wasn’t directed solely to me, but to me and my other colleague, (who’s also one of my best friends). This compliment made us both feel better than any other because it came from someone who we both sort of look up to and think highly of. And it was also the way he said it, as if he didn’t even say it.

We were telling him how we had half our work still totally unorganized and how we would love to get some help, and if he would have any spare time he might want to come and help us. He kindly declined but was amazed how we, who are the most efficient girl-duo at our work are halfway organized in the first place.

He saying we are the most efficient girl-duo made us feel happier about our situation even though it didn’t help it much. We went back to work feeling better and that was good enough.

If you see someone do something well tell then they did a great work. If you see someone wearing something nice, tell them it looks good on them, (even if it’s a stranger). Positive words can really make someones day so much better no matter who says them.

You are an awesome human being, don’t ever be anything else but you!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



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