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Big vs. Small

I’m list addict! I love making lists and I love reading other people’s lists. I posted two lists on this blog on Thursday and I posted a top seven list, like I always do, yesterday. I’m also going to give you a couple of lists today.

The world is filled with different things. Big things and small things. Important things and irrelevant things. Good things and bad things. My things and your things. Loads of different things.

Today, I’ll be concentrating on the big ones and the small ones. Some things in life are better when they’re small and other things are cooler when they’re big. I’m going to write down two lists; one of things I prefer small and other of things I prefer big.

I found the inspiration for these size oriented lists on the writing challenge, Two Cents Tuesday, on the Across the Bored blog.

List of things that are better when they’re small:

  1. Tomatoes – Cherry tomatoes are good! I could eat them like candy! In fact sometimes I do eat them like candy, but that’s not a bad thing, right.
  2. Cats – More specifically kittens. And puppies too, I guess. Grown up cats are wonderful too, but the kittens are just so much better.
  3. Ear-rings – I don’t like big ear-rings on me. I’m more of a stud ear-ring kind of person.
  4. Bills – The smaller the number I have to pay the better. I’m sure everyone would agree with me on this one!
  5. Gestures – I like smaller gestures of love and respect better than big ones. I don’t need the moon from the sky, calling me beautiful is much better.
  6. Clothes – I would love to fit in smaller clothes. I’m definitely not the baggy clothes kind of girl I might seem to be.
  7. Muscles – I do like strong men, but when a man looks like a bouncy castle, he has gone too far.

List of things that are better when they’re big:

  1. TV – Call me superficial if you want to, but I like my TV big and the one we have is getting quite small.
  2. Coffee cups – I hate small coffee cups. Bigger ones are better because then I don’t have to get up and fill it all the time. The same goes with regular drinking glasses as well.
  3. Volume – I have slightly inferior hearing on my right ear than I have on my left. I like things to be louder rather than quieter. I get really frustrated when I can’t hear properly.
  4. Bath towels – I like to be totally covered with my towels when I get off the shower.

Apparently I like small things better than big ones. I didn’t know that about myself until now. Making all sorts of lists obviously helps you discover new things about yourself.

What sort of big or small things do you like? What sort of new things have you discovered about yourself recently?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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