Slim Down Project

Health Month – October

Health monthIs it Monday again? I think the week barely started until I realised it was almost over. Well, time flies i guess.

September progress week 4

Speaking of time flying… The month is about to change as well. I ended up with just one life-point left on my Health Month rules this month. The reason for losing so many points was basically my lack of interest on exercising. I guess I could say I didn’t exercise at all, which is why I decided to lose that rule for this month. In order to add some sort of move-my-body type of rule for this month I made up a rule to do 50 jumping jack everyday. It’s not suppose be too hard and I can hardly blame the weather getting colder for not doing it.

October rulesI’m still going to stick with the drink-a-lot-of-water rule, because I’m still trying to get addicted to it. I also chose a rule for eating more vegetables and fruits. I usually eat some veggies during the day, but I’m pretty sure I don’t eat the recommended five portions a day. My goal is to eat at least the five portions of vegetables and fruits a day. That should be healthy and help lose more weight.

Speaking of losing weight… I lost some this week. Last week I had sadly but not unexpectedly gained a little, but this week the scale is showing smaller numbers again. I weighed 88.5 kg (195.1 lb) this morning, which is 700 g (1.6 lb) less than a week ago. I’m happy about that!

I failed with my weekly health challenge last week. I had decided to write down everything I eat for the whole week, but I didn’t do it at all. I don’t feel too bad about it though since I lost some weight after all. I know I lose weight faster when I write things I eat down, which is why I thought it was a great idea to challenge myself doing that in the first place.

This week I will challenge myself to taking the stairs again. I did this some time ago and I felt great about it, so why not do it again!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



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