101 Things in 1001 Days

Album #10 – The Fray

I set myself a goal to listen to 10 albums by artists or bands I’ve never listened to before and now I’ve done it! See all the albums I listened to and what I thought about them here!

Today I listened to a band called The Fray. I had no idea this band even existed and if Spotify hadn’t suggested it to me and still wouldn’t know them. But now I do know them and my life isn’t much different.

Picture is from www.thefray.com
Picture is from http://www.thefray.com

The band comes from Denver, Colorado and it was originally formed by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King. According to wikipedia their musical genres include four different rock genres – alternative, indie, pop and piano – according to my ears their music could be described as slow rock.

Spotify kindly suggested I should listen to The Fray‘s self-titled album, but I decided to be a rebel and listened to their newest album called Scars & Stories. The album has 17 songs on it, which is quite many I think. The songs were nice and I didn’t mind listening to all of them, although there were too many of those slow ballad-type of songs which I didn’t really have the mood for. All in all, the album wasn’t crappy, but it didn’t make my heart go WOW either.

I’m most likely not going to listen to this band ever again. They’re music is just a little to “blaah” for my liking.


With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri


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