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Health Month – Not the best health-week

Health monthGreetings from Stockholm where I walked like a hundred miles during the two days I spent there. My feet were aching more than ever and I’m glad to still have a working pair of ankles. Somewhere along the way I caught some sort of flu and now my nose is really stuffy but otherwise I feel quite fine. It still doesn’t feel too good to have a stuffy nose.

I didn’t have a great week health-wise last week. I went to a wine-tasting event last Tuesday and I think I tasted a few too many different varieties , which really wasn’t healthy at all. My trip to Stockholm was fun, but eating out three days in a row isn’t exactly healthy either. I gained some weight, but that was expected and I’m not feeling too bummed about that.

I weighed 89.2 kg (196.7 lb) this morning. I gained 1.5 kg (3.3 lb), which I hope to have lost by next Monday.

My Health Month rules aren’t doing too good either. I lost two life points this past week because I still haven’t got back into exercising and for some reason I didn’t drink enough water while traveling. When my best friend asked why I hadn’t drank more water I came up with a bunch of reasons, but she quickly pointed out that they were just excuses and I just should have filled my water bottle more often. I hate her for pointing out how weak I am every now and then, but I love her for the exact same reason. An honest friend who points out when you’ve done something that doesn’t support your goal, is what everyone should have, and I have the best one!

September progress week 3


This week I will challenge myself to making a food-diary. I think I won’t be able to do much exercise this week, because of my stuffy nose and sore throat, and not wanting to get more miserable feeling than I already am, which is why I think I should look what I put in my mouth even more carefully. Writing down everything I eat seems to me to be the easiest way of making sure I eat enough healthy stuff, like veggies, fruit and all that.

Until next Monday! Stay healthy!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri



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