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Chocolate vs. Weight loss

I love everything sweet like candy, ice cream, cup cakes and chocolate. Chocolate is definitely my favorite and it’s really hard living without it. Chocolate isn’t necessarily bad for you, but I really want to lose weight, so in my case it’s not very good for me.

As you might know, I took a little trip by ferry to Sweden this week. There is a tax-free shop on board, which means everything is much cheaper there than on land. I had decided that I would allow myself to buy at least some chocolate on board, and eat it too. These chocolates they sell there are bigger, (and therefore better), than the ones we have in our stored on land and I was extremely excited to get shopping.

This was definitely like a win-win situation for me. I had given myself the permission to get chocolate and now I just had to decide which colour, shape and flavour I wanted.

I was standing there looking at selection my mouth watering, but I couldn’t make a decision. I started to think of all the weight I had already lost and the weight I was inevitably going to gain during this trip anyway, and all of a sudden I was facing another win-win situation: If I bought the chocolate I would savor the taste and it would make me happy, but if I didn’t buy it I would not gain a little less weight and I wouldn’t take too many steps back on my way to a better new me.

What a dilemma!

I ended up not buying the chocolate! I was probably more surprised about my decision than you are. I had no idea I even had it in me to be able to say no to chocolate. I have never been more proud of myself, nor has my husband.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Inkeri

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